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About SAF®

Heron Innovators, Inc. was established in 1998. The innovation behind Suspended Air® Flotation (SAF®) was invented by the late Dr. Felix Sebba in 1975. Since then, the engineering and science team at Heron Innovators has advanced this technology, establishing flotation without dissolved air® as the next level in liquid/solid separation for water and wastewater treatment, as well as solids thickening.

As Heron Innovators is located in California's agricultural Central Valley, SAF®'s first installations were in the food processing industry. Since then, installations have expanded to other industries throughout the United States, Mexico, and Canada. The SAF® process is applicable wherever physical/chemical separation via flotation is a viable solution to water quality. SAF® improves upon previous traditional process systems (i.e. dissolved air flotation [DAF], induced air flotation [IAF], Induced Gas Flotation [IGF], enhanced clarification, cavitation air flotation [CAF], and other micro-bubble generators) through flotation without dissolved air®.

Advancements In Flotation Technology

Heron Innovators fabricates its proprietary micro-bubble (SAF®) generators, flotation tanks, and the mechanical and electrical process equipment utilized at each installation. Experience gained from installing systems for solids separation and thickening across a wide array of applications, Heron Innovators can offer valuable insight for improving effluent water quality through modifications to process operations, thereby increasing separation efficiencies and/or reducing the demand for flocculants or coagulants, power, and maintenance.


Processes Consultation

We provide consultation on the best physical/chemical separation processes to suit the customer’s needs.


Optimize Treatment

Consultation on how to incorporate the SAF® system into plant operations to optimize treatment efficiency

Bench-Scale Testing

We perform bench-scale testing to optimize polymer/flocculant use and performance estimates


Schedule A Pilot Test

Fleet of fully equipped trailers treat 25 to 300 GPM to demonstrate process effectiveness


Start-up & Training

Heron certified field technicians train facility staff on start-up and on-going operations


Annual Check-Ups

Quarterly to annual site visits to review SAF® system operations


Post-sales support and business reviews

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