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 SAF® process systems exceed every comparable measurement or metric relating to traditional flotation methods, such as DAF, CAF, IAF, IGF and microbubble technologies. Flotation without dissolved air® (SAF®) is not confined by the physics that apply to methods which dissolves air or gas in water.

Suspended Air® Flotation (SAF®) may use methane gas instead of air eliminating oxygen in the treatment process similar to Induced Gas Flotation, IGF. SAF® Froth is not generated by impellers, eductors or spargers. Additionally, SAF® systems do not require parallel plate packing material to achieve very high efficiencies.

Mining & Metals

Oil & Gas

Medical & Pharmaceutical

Cosmetics & Toiletries

Textiles & Garments

Paper & Pulp

Power Production

Heron Innovators, Inc., established 1998

The innovation behind Suspended Air® Flotation (SAF®) was invented by the late Dr. Felix Sebba in 1975. Since then, the engineering and science team at Heron Innovators has advanced this technology establishing flotation without dissolved air® as the next level in liquid/solid separation for water and wastewater treatment and solids thickening.

Since Heron Innovators is located in California's agricultural Central Valley, Suspended Air® Flotation (SAF®)'s first installations were in the food processing industry. Installations have expanded to other industries across the U.S., Mexico, and Canada. The SAF® process is applied anywhere physical/chemical separation via flotation is a viable solution to water quality. SAF® advances previous traditional process systems (i.e. dissolved air flotation, DAF, induced air flotation, IAF, Induced Gas Flotation, IGF, enhanced clarification, cavitation air flotation, CAF, and other micro-bubble generators) through flotation without dissolved air®.