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SAF® technology has been installed at municipal treatment facilities to thicken solids from Waste Activated Sludge (WAS) and digesters, provide enhanced primacy clarification, primary clarification with grit removal, secondary clarification with solids thickening, and algae removal from holding pond effluent.

As municipal facilities focus on improving their environmental stewardship, SAF® offers many advantages:


  • Water Reclamation – SAF® can help in attaining California Title 22 standards
  • Lower Greenhouse Gas Emissions – Significantly lower power consumption than competing traditional systems (i.e. dissolved air flotation, DAF, induced air flotation, IAF, Induced Gas Flotation, IGF, enhanced clarification, and other micro-bubble generators).
  • Small footprint – Mobile, trailer and skid-mounted systems offer alternatives to fixed, concrete facilities. Significant reductions in equipment footprint, power consumption and demand for chemical conditioning greatly reduce environmental impacts.


Standard system features include an influent flow meter, dual compartment conditioning tank, coagulant metering pump, polymer activation and aging system, Suspended Air® Emulsion Generator, ClearFloater™ Flotation Separator, dewatering conveyor, and process control panel. A pH sensor/controller and acid/base fixed PID loops can be supplied as an option.

To learn more about our Municipal Applications, see our downloads and specification table below.


Treatment Objectives
City of Fortuna Wastewater Treatment Plant, Fortuna California
  • Waste Activated Sludge Thickening
  • Filtrate Treatment
  • Enhanced Primary Clarification
Synagro (Contractor for Sacramento Regional Wastewater Treatment Plant),
Sacramento California
Digester Solids Treatment
Pleasant Valley State Prison
  • Algae Removal from Holding Pond effluent
  • Water Reclamation for Orchard Irrigation
  • California Title 22 Compliance
Graton Community Services District
  • Algae Removal from Holding Pond effluent
  • Water Reclamation for NPDES permit discharge
  • California Title 22 Compliance
TSS = Total Suspended Solids BOD = Biological Oxygen Demand FOG = Fats, Oil, Grease

Heron Innovators, Inc., established 1998

The innovation behind Suspended Air® Flotation (SAF®) was invented by the late Dr. Felix Sebba in 1975. Since then, the engineering and science team at Heron Innovators has advanced this technology establishing flotation without dissolved air® as the next level in liquid/solid separation for water and wastewater treatment and solids thickening.

Since Heron Innovators is located in California's agricultural Central Valley, Suspended Air® Flotation (SAF®)'s first installations were in the food processing industry. Installations have expanded to other industries across the U.S., Mexico, and Canada. The SAF® process is applied anywhere physical/chemical separation via flotation is a viable solution to water quality. SAF® advances previous traditional process systems (i.e. dissolved air flotation, DAF, induced air flotation, IAF, Induced Gas Flotation, IGF, enhanced clarification, cavitation air flotation, CAF, and other micro-bubble generators) through flotation without dissolved air®.