Tanker Washing

Specializing in the manufacturing of the next generation of solid/liquid separation systems, Heron Innovators developed Suspended Air® Flotation (SAF®) systems for customers in the truck washing industry. These skid mounted treatment systems address customers’ need for treatment of water reuse by removing suspended solids, oils, and grease. The solution Heron Innovators provides to these customers reduces surcharges prior to discharge to municipal wastewater collection systems.

At Heron Innovators, our design and build capabilities include full planning, engineering, and in-house fabrication of mechanical and electrical equipment. The overall product measures 16ft. long x 6ft. wide x 7 ft. high. These systems feature a pump capacity of 80 GPM with a small footprint and excellent solids removal. A unique attribute of SAF® is that it is not constrained by process water temperature. Project turnaround is less than 12 weeks.

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