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Tomato Processors

are you land applying wastewater? Heron can help you resolve wastewater odor issues.

Food Producers

Do you need a small, compact treatment unit to remove Fats, Oils and Grease, BOD and TSS from wastewater?

Meat Processors

Do you need a small/compact treatment unit to remove Fats, Oils & Greases, BOD and TSS from wastewater? And eliminate sewer surcharges?

Landfill Operator

We can help you reclaim water from your leachate to meet CA Title 22 standards and reduce your energy consumption.

Municipal Water Operator

Need help reclaiming water in compliance with California’s Title 22 standards?

Who Uses SAF® The Most?

Tomato Processors

Small Footprint, No odors, Clean water
Quick start-up
Energy conservation
(through reduced power use)

Food Producers

Greater than 99% removal of Fats, Oils and Greases
Consistent effluent clarity
Process contained in all-weather trailer
Same day operation

Meat Processors

Reduced power consumption while also increasing solids recovery
Eliminated sewer surcharges
Retrofitted two DAFs, quadrupling capacity

Landfill Operators

Treated effluent met CA drinking water standards
Equipment arrived pre-packaged and ready to operate
Project saved half a million dollars per year

Community Services Districts

Demonstrated environmental stewardship
Removed Algae and solids to achieve ‹2 NTUs
Lowered greenhouse gas emissions

SAF® Product Features

Best Solids Removal

Lowest Carbon & Physical Footprint

Lowest Operating Cost

Unaffected by Water Temperature

Lowest Horsepower Demand

Avoids Downstream Solids Dewatering

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Flotation Without Dissolved Air

Suspended Air® Flotation (SAF®) from Heron Innovators replaces conventional water treatment systems, DAF & high-rate clarifiers.

For over a century, various forms of dissolved air flotation (DAF) systems have been employed for the removal of suspended solids, and fats, oils, and grease from wastewater. The amount of air that can be dissolved in DAF systems is limited by the laws of physics and is usually less than 2 – 4% air by volume. Instead of dissolving air, SAF® generates whitewater (froth) at atmospheric pressure that is 40% air by volume.

Case studies are available for DAF to SAF® conversions which show increased removal performance, reduced power consumption, reduced maintenance, chemistry cost savings, increased hydraulic throughput and solids loading, reduced operator attention, and capital cost avoidance.

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