For over a century, various forms of Dissolved Air Flotation (DAF) systems have been employed for the removal of suspended solids, and fats, oils, and grease from wastewater. The amount of air that can be dissolved in DAF systems is limited by the laws of physics and is usually less than 2 – 4% air by volume. The recirculated “whitewater” is drawn and created from underflow of flotation units, requiring high horsepower compressors and pumps that often require frequent maintenance and operator attention.

Charged microbubble flotation, specifically Suspended Air® Flotation from Heron Innovators, replaces conventional whitewater systems. Instead of dissolving air, SAF® generates whitewater (froth) at atmospheric pressure that is 40% air by volume. This froth consists of microbubbles, approximately 7 to 25 microns, and created with a charged surfactant that is ubiquitous to wastewater and GRAS approved. The charged microbubble froth is injected into the influent stream and has an electrostatic affinity to grab and lift solids to the flotation vessel surface for skimming and removal.

New SAF® systems are a fraction of the size of conventional DAF units, saving floor space and capital costs. Furthermore, because SAF® bubbles have a much longer life than DAF bubbles, a very stable solids blanket is produced, allowing for increased surface dwell time to enhance dewatering, thereby reducing disposal costs.

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A New Pretreatment Technology

Case Study: Suspended Air® Flotation
by Simmons Foods



Innovation in air flotation leads to solid alternative to a legacy process. by G. Tchobaoglous, H. Leverenz & Dan Zeller


SAF® Technical Overview

Looking for a quick overview of SAF®? Learn the important advantages & cost savings SAF® technology offers.


Pleasant Valley State Prison

SAF® results from a municipal water district near Pleasant Valley State Prison.


Graton, CA Case Study

SAF® was brought in to achieve results that were otherwise impossible at a Graton, CA water treatment facility.


SAF® | Metcalf & Eddy

Read about Suspended Air® Flotation and why it is possible to treat a higher capacity, more efficiently, and with less operating cost.


TPO Magazine Article

Heron is featured in TPO Magazine.


SAF® Flow Diagrams

Flow diagrams show how SAF® fits into your treatment plan. We have diagrams for industrial and municipal configurations.


SAF® vs. DAF - Brewery Edition

See how SAF® performs vs. DAF in a standard brewery configuration.

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