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Heron Innovators, Inc. provides the following video library to show the benefits of SAF® in various environments.


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A New Pretreatment Technology

Case Study: Suspended Air® Flotation
by Simmons Foods


SAF® Technical Overview

Looking for a quick overview of SAF®? Learn the important advantages & cost savings SAF® technology offers.


SAF® vs. DAF - Brewery Edition

See how SAF® performs vs. DAF in a standard brewery configuration.


Pleasant Valley State Prison

SAF® results from a municipal water district near Pleasant Valley State Prison.


Graton, CA Case Study

SAF® was brought in to achieve results that were otherwise impossible at a Graton, CA water treatment facility.


SAF® | Metcalf & Eddy

Read about Suspended Air® Flotation and why it is possible to treat a higher capacity, more efficiently, and with less operating cost.


TPO Magazine Article

Heron is featured in TPO Magazine.


SAF® Flow Diagrams

Flow diagrams show how SAF® fits into your treatment plan. We have diagrams for industrial and municipal configurations.

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