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A New Pretreatment Technology

Case Study: Suspended Air® Flotation
by Simmons Foods


SAF® vs. DAF - Brewery Edition

See how SAF® performs vs. DAF in a standard brewery configuration.


Pleasant Valley State Prison

SAF® results from a municipal water district near Pleasant Valley State Prison.


Graton, CA Case Study

SAF® was brought in to achieve results that were otherwise impossible at a Graton, CA water treatment facility.


Anaerobic and Aerobic Solids Thickening: Case Study

SAF® Pilot Trailer: Digested sludge, sludge thickening case study.


SAF® Flow Diagrams

Flow diagrams show how SAF® fits into your treatment plan. We have diagrams for industrial and municipal configurations.


SAF® | Metcalf & Eddy

Read about Suspended Air® Flotation and why it is possible to treat a higher capacity, more efficiently, and with less operating cost.


TPO Magazine Article

Heron is featured in TPO Magazine.

Heron Innovators, Inc., established 1998

The innovation behind Suspended Air® Flotation (SAF®) was invented by the late Dr. Felix Sebba in 1975. Since then, the engineering and science team at Heron Innovators has advanced this technology establishing flotation without dissolved air as the next level in liquid/solid separation for water and wastewater treatment and solids thickening.

Since Heron Innovators is located in California's agricultural Central Valley, Suspended Air® Flotation (SAF®)'s first installations were in the food processing industry. Installations have expanded to other industries across the U.S., Mexico, and Canada. The SAF® process is applied anywhere physical/chemical separation via flotation is a viable solution to water quality. SAF® advances previous traditional process systems (i.e. dissolved air flotation, DAF, induced air flotation, IAF, Induced Gas Flotation, IGF, enhanced clarification, cavitation air flotation, CAF, and other micro-bubble generators) through flotation without dissolved air.

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