Suspended Air® Flotation

A New Environmental Remediation Tool

Developed by Heron Innovators, Inc.

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SAF® Bubbles have unique attributes that make them superior for flotation.
Suspended Air® Flotation (SAF®) is the latest innovation in environmental remediation that utilizes a stable gas/liquid emulsion of micro-bubbles of air (or other gases can be used) dispersed in water.

Smaller Size Bubbles

7 to 25 microns

Double Film Wall

For bubble stability and chemical reactivity

Reactive Surface Area

Greater reactive surface area per unit volume

None to Minimal Bubble Coalescence

Non-coalescing bubbles retain their size from their original formation through the process, more effectively floating solids.

Variable Charged Bubbles

Anionic/Cationic and surface tension advantage for both bubble generation and dewatered float solids

More Bubbles = Cleaner Effluent

The number of working bubbles contained within 10 gallons of Suspended Air® froth is astronomical. Based on an average size of 7-25 microns, there are over 1,000,000,000,000,000 (1 quadrillion) bubbles that are entrained by Heron Innovator’s SAF® generator.  For example, 10 gpm SAF® froth is necessary for attachment to clarify approximately 200-500 gpm of untreated water.

The number of working bubbles contained within 10 gallons of Suspended Air® froth is astronomical.

Simple, Low Cost, & Effective

For the first time in the environmental wastewater treatment field, the ultimate tool using SAF® makes it possible to treat all types of municipal, industrial, agricultural and natural contaminated water and wastewater. SAF® is a simple, low cost, most effective technology that can be used to supplement/or as alternative to the many conventional treatment techniques (ion exchange, ultrafiltration, adsorption, clarification, air stripping, etc.).

Traditional Dissolved Air Flotation (DAF)

uses gas (usually air) dissolution generating micro-bubbles optimistically ranging in size from 20 to 30 microns (realistically these bubbles are 50 microns plus). While DAF does not employ chemicals to generate bubbles, it is energy intensive.  Further, the bubble generation (saturation) can be affected by the nature of the liquid characteristics and conditions (i.e., dissolved solids, temperature, etc.) used to dissolve the gas into solution.  With DAF, condition of design can have an adverse effect on the bubbles like coalescence.

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