SAF® System For Title 22 Wastewater Reclamation Tertiary Filtration

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Heron Innovators SAF® solutions are backed up by years
of process knowledge and manufacturing ability.

Skid-Mounted SAF® F100/CF500 Achieves < 0.5 NTUs
Removing Algae From Wastewater Pleasant Valley State Prison, CA

SAF® F50 Achieves High Standards | Graton Community Services District, CA

This particular project required the removal of specific components – algae and colloidal material – from the pond effluent. The goal was to extend filter cycle times, and achieve <9NTU water clarity prior to filtration for unrestricted reuse of wastewater.

The Model SAF250 system supplied by Heron Innovators was fabricated from stainless steel using various precision fabrication methods. The dual compartment conditioning tank, the tallest component within the system, measures 8 ft. diameter x approximately 10 ft. high and has a 3,500 gallon capacity. Also supplied were a Model CF250 ClearFloater™ flotation tank and two Model F50 froth generators, one serving as an installed spare. Prior to installation, a pilot test was conducted by the project engineer using a Heron Innovators complete treatment system on a trailer. As performed on all Heron Innovators systems complete functional testing was completed prior to delivery of the equipment, in this case the pilot trailer, to the site. Following the successful pilot test, a public agency single-sourced the system based on the test results. This SAF® system is fully integrated with the customer’s SCADA system. For further project details, refer to the table below, or contact us directly.


Product Description
Model SAF250 Suspended Air® Flotation System. This SAF® system is used to remove algae and colloidal material from municipal wastewater pond effluent prior to filtration for unrestricted reuse / reclamation of wastewater.
System Capabilities and Services Provided
  • Engineering design of process and components
  • AutoCAD drawings
  • In-house fabrication of mechanical and electrical equipment
  • Custom fabricated welded stainless steel tanks and components
  • Laboratory services supporting treatability study and proof of concept determinations
  • Pilot trailer and support of pilot testing on site
  • Installation and start-up support
  • Operations and maintenance manual
Overall Part Dimensions
Model F50 Froth Generator: 53 in. W x 61 in. L x 78 in. H
Model CF250 ClearFloater: 7 ft. W x 11 ft. L x 9 ft. H
Conditioning Tank: Dual compartment, overall 8 ft. Dia. x 10 ft. H, 3,500 gal. capacity
Tightest Tolerances
+/- 1/16 inch
Material Used
304 stainless steel
Additional Facts

Sole Source Procurement by public agency
State grant / loan funded project
Flow rate treated: 400 gpm / 500 gpm (max)

  • Two Model F50 froth generators, each with frothing agent metering pump (one serves as installed spare)
  • Dual-compartment conditioning tank with two turbine agitators
  • Model CF250 ClearFloater™ flotation tank with agitated flocculation chamber, chain and flight skimmer, solids hopper, and adjustable weir
  • Observation decking/staircase
  • Solids transfer pump
  • Two polymer mixing systems and a polymer metering pump (one spare mixing system)
  • Coagulant metering pump
  • Control panels integrated with plant SCADA
  • Spare equipment as required by State grant rules
In process testing/inspection performed
One-month pilot test in June 2006, with Engineer’s report.
Functional and leak testing after fabrication.
Industry for Use
Municipal Wastewater
Delivery/Turnaround Time
24 weeks.
Installation completed during 2013.
Delivery Location
Graton, California
Standards Met
Customer Specifications, 2D CAD Drawing
CA Title 22 pretreatment for filtration (<10 NTU)
Product Name
Model SAF250 Suspended Air® Flotation Treatment (SAF®) System

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