Food & Beverage

Case Studies Of SAF® In The Food & Beverage Industries


Heron Innovators provides a fully integrated Suspended Air Flotation (SAF®) system for food and beverage processing facilities. SAF® removes suspended solids, fats, oil and greases from wastewater. See Heron Innovators’ line of SAF® Generators and ClearFloaters.

These systems may be utilized as component equipment or fully integrated trailer-mounted systems. SAF® wastewater process systems are versatile and cost-effective designed to use less space while removing more solids than competing traditional systems (i.e. dissolved air flotation, DAF, induced air flotation, IAF, enhanced clarification, and other micro-bubble generators). SAF® DOES NOT DISSOLVE AIR IN WATER THEREFORE IS NOT CONSTRAINED BY THE PHYSICS OF DISSOLVING AIR INTO WATER/GAS. Initialization & startup for SAF® systems is a matter of hours, rather than days.


See how SAF® performs vs. DAF in a standard brewery configuration.

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